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Telecentric happily endorse Panasonic telephone systems that include: Panasonic KX, NCP, PBX, business telephone, analogue systems, digital phone systems, IP phone systems, wireless, hybrid, and cordless phone systems.

The business communication allows easily configure for 8 to 1000 extensions, reduces the cost by leveraging existing data networks and support the mobile with cordless connectivity.

The range of IP PBX telephone systems combines the advantages of traditional telephone communications with IP technology, we offer feature-rich functionality and its ability to handle all your communication needs. It centralises the management of communications meaning that costs are reduced with improved efficiency.

What Business Phone System Do You Require?

  • VOIP
  • Traditional

Before Purchasing, You Need To Consider Many Factors Such As:

  • Requirement of extensions?
  • How many lines you need?
  • What feature would you like on your system?
  • Line provider sockets you need?
  • Do telephone systems expand with growth?

The above questions need to answer carefully when you choose Panasonic system for small business is important.

For any organisation, the key is communication that you operate within and a modern system will ensure as a startup, you can compete with established enterprises.

Panasonic Phone Systems

A Panasonic telephone system brings a host of advanced features for flexible, efficient call management to keep your business in contact with the customers. KX-T analogue handsets are perfect for your small business. We offer many ranges KX-T series – easily expandable, programmed, customized and maintained.


It is a more user-friendly interface and powerful support features for long life with larger performance. Our digital phones keep your business communicating at peak act levels. It is with programmable keys, a duplex hands-free speakerphone mode, integrated headset support and an easy-to-read LCD screen with advanced features.


The hybrid system designed for small businesses to provide intelligent call handling and ideally up to 20 users, armed with wireless, mobile, digital and IP telephone support, with the connectivity of IP and digital network trunks and voice mail. This business telephone system offers feature-rich functionality provided flexibility to handle business communication needs.


It looks simple, refined cordless telephone which features an advanced answering system. You can talk up to 16 hours, a shared phonebook and built-in baby monitor. It featured with caller ID display, shared phonebook, and advanced answering system.

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