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Access control systems are used to restrict access to areas or rooms in a building or database both physically and virtually based on the credentials provided. Many commercial businesses, residential areas, stores, warehouses, and offices require security control systems to protect their business from risk or to prevent people from entering.

Products include the Software, linked to a full range of Readers and ID Devices including proximity, biometric, keypad, magnetic strip, smart cards and card printers. Also in the range are Door Controllers and the potential to link systems to form Integrated Solutions.

The door access control system installation services range from a single-door mechanical lock to a multi-door PC-based solution. Popular types we usually provide are keyless door entry systems or door entry keypads but we have access to much more from our suppliers and will tailor our solution to fit your budget and needs.

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As Paxton-approved access control system installers, we are trained and accredited by the manufacturer to ensure we have the skills to provide the best job, every time.

We have over 20 years of installing access control systems for clients all over the UK. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in a wide variety of systems for commercial, residential and industrial properties. We provide cost-effective solutions, delivering the high standard of protection that people require.

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The Types of Access Control Systems

The two main types of access control are physical and logical.

Physical limits access to rooms, buildings, campuses, and hardware IT assets. This system performs authentication, authorisation, identification, and accountability of entities through login credentials. These could be a PIN (personal identification numbers), passwords, physical keys and biometric scans.

Logical access control systems limit connections to computer networks, system files and data. This focuses on validating an individual’s identity through some mechanism, such as a PIN, card, biometric etc. This way you can assign different access privileges to different individuals depending on their roles and responsibilities in an organisation. This is essential for organisations like schools, charities and businesses that deal with sensitive or confidential data.

Benefits of Implementing Access Control Software Systems

  • Automated access control and enhanced the identification process. Reducing the risk of human errors.
  • Access control systems are mainly used to monitor the entry and exit of employees into and out of an office.
  • Through one interface you can ingress thousands of facilities remotely. Record and generate reports of access for each building/room of each facility.
  • Provide automated auditing of employees by time and attendance recording features. No need to carry around physical keys. We can use this system at home as well as in our office.
  • Based on personnel function we can implement an access and security level hierarchy. E.g. all employees can access the building but only management-level staff can enter sensitive areas.
  • When an employee leaves, it avoids expensive re-keying.

The level of security that each system provides differs depending on the products used. For higher security purposes a multi-site computer-based solution is preferred over a single-door mechanical combination lock.

This system can be integrated with other systems such as intruder alarms, data or voice cabling and CCTV camera installation services for all types of commercial, and residential properties.

Access Control System Features That We Offer

  • Integration – The same card, PIN, biometric or fob used to access other services within the organization such as computers, printing or canteen.
  • Convenience – Every individual can enter without having to queue. Request a key or wait for a member of staff for availability.
  • Security – unauthorised persons cannot access it, and keys can no longer be carried around.

Whether it’s for commercial or residential, TeleCentric have specialised in installing access control security systems in the United Kingdom for more than 20 years. We provide advice using our 20+ years of experience and will offer a range of technologies and products that will meet your needs and budget!

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