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Avaya Telephone Systems

Improve your corporate communications, with our Avaya IP office, which is specifically designed to meet the challenges facing small and medium to large scale businesses.

Avaya Internet Protocol can address basic needs, leverage built-in convergence capabilities and deliver intelligence to customers and users.

This IP office system offers top solutions that shorten processes and streamlines the information exchange within systems to create a unique and simple experience for all.

Avaya Phone Models

It is a highly modular system to support and meet the standalone business, home offices, and head offices, suitable for small to medium size businesses.

This supports a range of telephones, but the 5400 series Digital phones and 5600 series IP phones are specially designed to work with Internet Protocol Office and provide a solution for small and medium-sized business to meet business efficacy and client service needs and requirements.

Internet Protocol Office – Business Benefits

  • Supports single location and multi-site networks
  • Whole data and voice communication solution for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Scalable as business grows
  • Functions as internet protocol telephony server or a traditional phone system
  • Built-in voice messaging and call centre capabilities

IP Office Features and Benefits

  • Helps small businesses to grow successfully in the market by enhancing customer service, streamlining operations, cutting costs, simplifying hiring and more
  • This system helps to lower overheads and increase sales, the benefits show up in the bottom line
  • Cost-effective, fast and gigabit Ethernet connectivity that support data and voice convergence
  • Intuitive tools for troubleshooting, managing and operating devices that include web-based GUI management, comprehensive centralised management, and configuration tools
  • Convergence – features such as improved power over Ethernet that helps future-proof networks and advanced IP phones, wireless access points and cameras (video surveillance)
  • Automatic set-up – One simple command will automatically provide the switch to support an IP office for fast and error-free deployments

With this office, you can create the right system for your industry. It is ideal for medium-sized companies in the range of 50 employees. It has many features that you can enable in the larger systems.

It is specifically designed for the companies who want to have IP phones in the future, but if you don’t have enough time or money at present, then you can install the framework, keep the system and be ready to switch.

Avaya Offers

  • Track, record and report on calls to make sure optimal client interactions
  • You can go from 5 to 1,000 employees and even network up to 32 locations
  • Use analogue, digital, IP technology – combined with a hybrid solution, IP office system inter-operate with 2 million Avaya systems worldwide

Installation Service Includes

  • Build and pre-program your system
  • Started to test, and eliminate the critical issues on deployment
  • Our team offer seamless migration that limits downtime
  • We help end users to learn new functionality and features of the system

Our main drive is to be top class business communication experts, delivering flexible and open solutions that transform the way people interact, thus providing a competitive edge and enabling your business to grow.

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