Data Cabling

Data Cabling

Oxford, Birmingham and Newbury

We offer a range of data cabling in Oxford, Birmingham, and Newbury and other cities since 1991. Our cabling systems are directly installed by a team of engineers and meet industry standards. We have strict controls to measure the performance and constantly seek customer feedback. Our complete solution cabling supports both data and voice applications and is designed to future proof the network infrastructure.

We offer a wide choice of branded fiber optical and structured cabling products for cat 5e, cat 6, cat 6a single and multi-mode fiber optic installation requirements. Telecentric provides a one stop solution for all your wide and local area networking needs, including direct supply of cables and components for your cabling infrastructure requirements.

Why do I need data cabling?

It is the way to enhance network capabilities. This is designed to be more efficient and faster than traditional wiring and allows the business to run at greater speed. It also helps to integrate the phone system into the network and allows advanced features such as reading voice mail on the computer screen.

Benefits of our Data Cabling

  • Easy to manage – It is easy to manage and administer with a minimum of staff input; making changes to the system is an easy task, with minimal disruption
  • Supports future upgrades – the modular design allows us to add, move and change easily
  • High return on investment – Structured cabling system unifies the IT multiple voice, video and data. Thus it reduces the need for updates and offers cost-effective maintenance
  • Minimises installation time – it allows for more efficient changes to the network
  • Reduces congestion and decreases the chances for crushed cables and blocked airflow
  • Flexibility – structured cabling consolidates the wiring system into a single infrastructure that transfers data into multiple formats. Whenever needed this allows the system to dismantle and we are able to easily move from one location to another

Cat 5e cable

Cat 5e supports 10 gigabit speeds and bandwidth up to 200MHz and less interference than its predecessor. It is the cost-effective solution for applications such as media streaming that need to transmit large data sets. It minimises the amount of crosstalk between the wires within the cable and it results in overall transmission speed.

Cat 6 cable

With much higher signal to noise ratio than cat 5e and bandwidth up to 250 MH. It is with multiple and simultaneous network demands that include larger data transfers, and video conferencing. It is one of the more effective crosstalk reduction options.

Cat 6a cable

It is double the bandwidth of cat 6 and has far less interference. It is better for greater distance needs. It handles up to 100 meters compared with a maximum of 55 meters for Cat 6.

Which category is right for me?

  • It depends on whether adding to an existing installation, what type of applications you wish to run in the network and the network speed required
  • Huge myth is Cat 6 cable is used in Gigabyte Ethernet, but in reality if cat 5e is correctly installed then it will help to handle a 1000 base T

We are the leading installers of data cabling in Birmingham, Oxford, and Newbury amongst other cities. Our products include wireless digital systems, IP CCTV Systems, access control systems, Avaya IP office phone systems, and more. We operate a safety policy designed to minimise the risk factors whilst working within buildings. Look no further for a qualified, accredited company to undertake the work anywhere in the country. All our engineers are trained and accredited by the manufacturers.

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