Every business has a dependable communication system that enables the transmission of important information across the telecommunication systems.

One of the efficient office telephone solutions available in the market is Avaya IP Office Telephone System. Avaya IP Office Telephone System is a scalable, efficient and cost-effective phone system that professionally manages all the communications of your business thereby increasing the productivity of your business.

Benefits of Avaya IP Telephone System

Flexible and Scalable

In olden days, communication systems had a fixed design. This means that you needed to pay for capacity and features that you didn’t use. Avaya IP Office telephone system recognises that each company has its own needs.

This system allows you to scale as many as 1000 users using one control unit that provides you a reliable phone system solution. This adds flexibility to your business.

You can expand your system by activating the license without spending money and time on buying new equipment.

Avaya IP telephone system is very scalable. In the past, you needed to buy extra expensive software packages if you wanted to enjoy the benefits of advanced features.

However, with the help of Avaya, you can purchase software on a per-user basis which is affordable for all businesses so that they can have access to the advanced features.


In the past, other communication systems were not friendly. Avaya IP Office is very easy to install and configure.

Since it is quick to install, you save a lot of time which you can utilise in training the users on how to use the new system and make them confident in it.

The user-friendly and clear system admin tool provides access to the customers so that your issues can be resolved quickly with less disruption.

In earlier IP Office versions, you were required to reboot the system even to make a minor change like changing the name.

But Avaya IP Office telephone system expects you to restart the system only after doing any network settings and major system changes.

Strong Device Integration

The in-built mobility system of Avaya IP Office supports Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and iOS devices. Thus, users can seamlessly integrate their laptops, tablets or smartphones into your business network.

Desktop Integration

It is not necessary to install any software on the users’ computer since they can access the one-x Portal, thin client control application for Avaya IP Office through the internet.

Thus the limitations are eliminated and users are able to access the functions as long as they have internet access.


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