Home Security System Issues

Many of you might have installed a home security alarm or CCTV installation service system to protect your home from burglary. Sometimes these alarm systems return errors that require you to search for effective solutions.

The system keypad will indicate that it is having trouble communicating or that there is a fault in the phone line. It does this by notifying you through a sound alert or message on the keypad window.

Dealing with these issues can sometimes prove to be difficult and you may end up a bit frustrated. We are here today to provide some troubleshooting tips for your home alarm system.


Power Failure

If your system notifies that it has lost power despite no power outages in your area, follow these steps:

  • Find the transformer that powers your system. You can locate the transformer where the alarm control panel is installed. It is usually coloured in white or tan, is plugged into the alarm panel at one end and into the nearest electrical outlet at the other. You can see a wire from a transformer running towards the alarm panel.
  • Locate the transformer then check whether it is plugged in properly. Also, check the transformer wiring to ensure if they are connected correctly.
  • Once you are sure the transformer is properly plugged in and the wiring is intact, unplug the transformer and check if the power outlet (plug socket) has power by plugging in a lamp or another electric device.
  • If the outlet has power, then you need to call the system’s customer support and address them about the problem. Next, if the outlet doesn’t have power, then you need to inspect the circuit breaker in the electrical panel. Lastly, if you are still experiencing the same issue, call an electrician to fix it or if you are still in warranty, get in touch with the manufacturer.

Low Battery

If your system indicates a “low battery” situation then confirm it with the main panel. After you have confirmed, remove the system battery and replace it with the help of the customer support office of that system.

It is also recommended to put your system in test mode before you change the battery and contact the monitoring centre.

Climate-Related Issues

If your area has been affected by storms or bad weather, then your system may get affected. Sometimes the keypad will generate a continuous “beep” sound. This beeping sound may be caused by one of the following reasons:

  • AC power outage
  • Depletion of Backup Power Source
  • Loss of Phone Service

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