Cloud computing is becoming popular and competitive through a reduction in cost, elasticity, greater flexibility, optimal resource utilisation etc. Cloud systems can save your time and energy thereby enhancing the ability to achieve business goals.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS)

When it comes to IaaS, companies prefer using an existing infrastructure on a pay-per-use scheme thus saving on the cost of investment for acquiring, managing and maintaining an IT infrastructure. Also, many companies turn to PaaS for the same reasons along with seeking to increase the speed of development to deploy applications.

Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

There are many incentives for using the cloud among which there are situations where the companies are finding the ways to access some of the applications they wish to deploy into their environment using the cloud, especially public cloud.

In the case of test and development, adopting a hybrid cloud approach allows to test application workloads and provides an environmental comfort without the initial investment.

Hybrid cloud also has the ability to expand during the periods of limited peak usage which is required to host a large infrastructure.

Test and Development

Testing and Development is probably the best scenario for the use of a cloud. This includes securing a budget, setting up your environment through physical assets and significant manpower and time following with installation and configuration of your platform.

Big Data Analytics

Cloud computing has the ability to tap into enormous quantities of structured and unstructured data to make use of the benefit of extracting business value. Retailers and suppliers gain information from consumer’s buying patterns to target their marketing and advertising campaigns.

File Storage

With the help of cloud, you can store and access your files from any web-enabled interface. These interfaces are usually simple. You can get high availability, speed, scalability, and security for your environment at any time and place. Also, depending on the regulatory compliance requirements you can store the data either on or off premises.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based solution provides a faster recovery of data from the mesh of various physical locations at an affordable cost.

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