Gone are the days when people used to rely on business telephony largely consisting of desktop computers and telephones for the proper coordination of their tasks.

In today’s digital age, everything is now cloud-based and accessible to employees irrespective of their place. Cloud services provide data backup and security. More than 90% of businesses depend on cloud services. There are many benefits of moving your business telephony into a cloud-based telephony system.

The following reasons will help you understand how your company will benefit by making the move.

1. Ability to Expand & Connect

A cloud-based business telephony system acts as a central hub allowing the business to have a global presence so that they can establish an easy link with all their centres of operation. This system provides a centralised platform for the management of corporate communication.

2. Integrated with Mobile & Applications

Cloud telephony systems include mobile applications through which subscribers can gain access to the system. The main feature of these apps is number portability. This feature enables the employees to connect their business telephone numbers with their respective mobile phones so that the calls and SMS sent from a device are seen by the customers and contacts as coming from an office at any time or on any day.

3. Disaster Recovery

With the help of a hosted VoIP business phone system, the data centres in multiple locations keep a backup of all your telephone data and settings. If any large disruptions occur, then the quality-hosted VoIP providers will reroute the traffic and re-establish the server connectivity.

4. Affordable Prices

Cloud-based telephony system produces remarkable savings in call charges of the users. Unlike traditional PBX, users are not required to pay thousands of pounds in hardware and installation. Many VoIP telephone companies offer minute packages and better customer service.

5. Updated Software

This is one of the great benefits of the cloud-based business telephone systems. The software is updated automatically with latest changes in it. Hence there is no risk of software becoming outdated. Thus, your business will not miss any new developments in this technology.

6. Scalability

You can add a new site to your existing network with the help of a hosted VoIP system. You are able to contact your workers on remote network locations by simply dialing their extension.

This will avoid the costly international call rates charged by the traditional telephone system. Telecentric offers cloud business VoIP telephone services in the UK. We are a leading cloud-based telephone business provider in the UK.

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