Are Your Business Telephone Systems Faulty?

The advantage of Virtual VoIP Telephony is that the possibility of system faults are eliminated by cloud-based communications. Also, since it is hosted, you get the assistance from your service provider to solve your problem.

However, businesses with in-house telephone systems sometimes face disruptions to phone services that can be costly and have a negative impact on customer services.

Following steps will assist you in how to report faulty telephone systems for your business.

Prepare Yourself Before It Happens!

If you are using different services from different providers, then make sure to maintain a clear record of the responsibility of each supplier.

If you have purchased a telephone system, make sure that you are aware of its warranty, whether the supplier provides technical assistance and sales support.

Once you have all this information along with account numbers or circuit references, provide this information to the key staff members so that they can report to the concerned provider if any problem persists in your absence.


If your phone system stops working, try to get the root cause of the problem yourself. You can do this in two ways:

1. Unplug all the equipment and re-boot all the systems.

2. Check if your service provider or manufacturer’s website has FAQs section. The FAQs section usually has many questions regarding troubleshooting through which you may get the solution to your problem.

Analog Phones

Connect a ‘working’ phone handset from another extension and test if it works. Thus, you will get to know whether your problem lies in the phone or socket line.

If the problem lies in your phone and is under warranty, you can return it to the manufacturer. If the socket is faulty, then contact your telephone service provider.

Digital Phones

Contact UK based customer support for help or suggestions.

Various types of telephone faults include no dial tone, permanent engaged tone, noisy, cutting off etc. When you come to know what kind of problem your system has, ask your phone system supplier to send a technician to fix it.

Once the problem is solved, keep checking the phone system at regular intervals so that the problem doesn’t re-appear.

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