In today’s digital era, it is important to find perfect fibre optic cable solution to secure fibre optic data against loss or hacking. Optical fibres are used in fibre optic communications over long distances with high bandwidth.

Even though the fibre optic cables possess high-quality material, it is important to safeguard them from external attacks like hacking or data thefts.

The following are some best practices to be followed to protect the data in fibre optic cables:

1. Keep it Structured

Industry experts advise the use of a structured cabling system. A structured cabling system is a system of cabling and analogous hardware that provides an extensive telecommunications infrastructure.

This infrastructure is not device dependent. Structured cabling installations include vertical and horizontal cables, vertical and horizontal backbone cables, equipment rooms, consolidation points etc.

Structured cable allows surveillance, monitoring, and physical protection measures to be applied to the fibre optic network.

2. Fibre Monitoring

Instituting a programme of continuous monitoring can reduce the risks of attacks on the data cabling. Many communication networks are vulnerable to intrusion and tapping.

This tapping action sometimes produces a small amount of signal loss, which can be detected by Fibre Monitoring system.

3. Extend the Encryption Coverage

Enterprise-wide schemes are protecting the storage information for data encryption. Scrambling of data makes it a tough job for the hackers to read the data and hack it.

Hence the hackers will be automatically diverted to seek easy targets available. Extend this same kind of protection to the transit data.

There are many optical encryption solutions available to secure the data passing through an optical fibre cable.

4. Intrusion Detection System

An IDS – Intrusion Detection System is a system that controls the network traffic to find the malicious activity, also inform about issues alerts for the same when any such activity is discovered.

This system identifies any abnormalities. IDS also alert network administrators about cable breaks, weak optical signals, receiver overloads etc.

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