Sometimes, it is just impossible to figure out what to focus on, where to spend your time and how to extract the most out of the workday without working more hours to meet your day to day targets.

Here we discuss ideas to improve your sales productivity in 7 ways,

1.  Clear, concise, and consistent calls

You may have heard about shady sales practices, a lot of people use bad tactics. It’s all about doing something which in unethical such as:

  • Mispresenting your services and products
  • Pushy unethical practices
  • Making promises you know that you can’t keep
  • Not fully disclosing information

Instead of practicing these methods, offer expert advice on the latest trends in the industry, then slowly ease into the conversation, build the confidence and trust as you move on.

If you do one thing, research the client before you are going to approach them and introduce similar interests. Once you have built an affinity, be clear while you deliver the message you wanted to get across.

2. Recognise great accomplishments

This is a critical part when it comes to the sales management process. Hard working people must get the reward and appreciation to encourage them to keep going.

If you celebrate success, your company culture will be strong. A strong sales culture means you are able to attain anything.

3. Automate the tasks

The purpose of software is to minimise the workload. CRMs replace excel sheets, sales software replaces the whiteboard and sales bell. The more work you automate, the more time you must focus on other core parts of development.

4. Content library

When you show your product demo to the public, it’s highly important that you need high quality content. People make their decisions based on the quality content, so make sure you prepare well – this may be the difference between winning and losing a deal.

Product Features

  • You should have high quality images
  • Clear articulated benefits related to your product features

If you need a huge lead generation, then create an online sales library with downloading options in exchange of contact information.

5. Sales playbook

  • It is ideal for training new staff, reviewing, and coaching best practices
  • Sales is a numbers game, figure out what best works and it’s vital to turn it into a repeatable process that others can follow allowing your organisation to thrive
  • This book is just like a sports playbook, you need to analyse the competition first, ensure the plans are fresh, creative, and new
  • Don’t live by this, because making employees follow a playbook will not always yield you great results

6. Ask, listen and act

  • These words summarise success
  • Ask questions that are more creative, relevant and direct. You must develop great listening skills with your clients and respond with proven action and want the sale.

7. Breathe new life into your existing old products

  • You have got some products that no one buys
  • In this case, just redo your marketing strategy – create new ads, place a sales target on the product and watch the results
  • If you put in maximum effort, then you will get a good reward


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