After a hectic schedule and over a long time period, you have planned to go on a vacation. You may have planned to visit your parents or relatives, go to a beach or camping etc. You have checked all the necessary arrangements like booking the tickets, packing the bags, scheduling the vacation plan etc. But hold on! Did you really check everything? In your rush and excitement, you might have forgotten checking the security of your home! You may feel if the main door is locked properly then my home is secured. However, security of the home is not limited to only a lock, key and CCTV installation service.

There are many security points to be considered before leaving the home so that your home is safe till you return and you can also enjoy your vacation without any worry. So, today we are going to suggest to you some security checklist points before you leave home for your holiday.

Close and Lock Windows

95% of burglary happens by breaking the windows. Hence close and lock the windows properly. Whether your home is a bungalow or a flat on any floor, install security grills for the windows.

Keep Your Valuables Out of Sight

Almost everybody keeps their valuable items like laptops, money, ornaments etc.

in the master bedroom. Hence your master bedroom is the first target for a burglar. Remember, a burglar always tends to rob as much as possible within a small time period like 5-10 minutes as he is afraid of being caught or identified if he waits for too long.

Hence you can confuse the robber and save your valuables by implementing the following tricks in your home:

If your home has air vents in a hallway or bathroom, you can keep your valuables inside them. Air vents are unlikely to be checked by robbers.

Most kitchens have a pantry to keep items such as salt, spices, vinegar etc. You can use one of these empty containers to put ornaments or money and keep the container with other pantry items which will be easily out of the sight of a thief.

Secret Safe Books are available in the market to protect all your valuables. These books are not really books but a box-shaped item having a lock facility where you can keep the money, keys, and ornaments. It looks like a book for an outsider and there is a negligible chance of any burglar opening a book!

Set the Burglar Alarm & CCTV

If you have a burglar alarm set it and use it. Burglar alarm detects the act of intrusion i.e. if anybody is opening or closing the door.

Don’t forget to set burglar alarm even if you are going on a local journey. Install a CCTV camera in your premises and turn it on before leaving home to act as a deterrent and catch images of any intruder.

Lock Garages and Outhouses

Your vehicles or lawn mowers can also be a target for robbers. Also, robbers could use ladders and other tools kept in your outhouses to climb and break through doors or windows. Hence make sure you have locked the garage and outhouses properly before leaving.

Lock Your Garden

If your home has a garden at the back, install a gate and lock it properly. Also, you can build a fence of such a height that it is difficult for a burglar to enter through the garden.

These checklist points are for just before leaving your home for many reasons.

As a famous proverb says, ‘Prevention is always better than cure’, we advise everybody to keep your home safe and be alert to avoid later upset. Telecentric can work with you to keep your home safe from robbery by installing CCTV cameras.

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