With more than 2 decades of experience, we are experts in all aspects of CCTV repair. We have seen many problems that can be easily fixed. Cameras are there to discourage criminal activity and reduce the associated costs to businesses; it may also reduce insurance premiums, encourage good practice by staff and help to spot safety issues.

Common Problems

User Name And Password Not Known

You may be unable to connect because you have entered the wrong login details. For this case, you need to refer to the manual. If you have lost the manual you may need to look it up online. There may be a need for a factory reset of the system and occasionally you may need to refer to the manufacturer.

Camera Power And Connection

Sometimes looks something as simple as a disconnected lead that is causing the network of cameras to go down. IP cameras have LED indicators to show data is being transmitted to the network; sometimes this indicator is internal and not visible on the camera itself.

If the LED is not light up, then you should check whether the camera is plugged in and the lead is externally plugged in to the power source. If your camera is powered using mains electricity instead of a battery, then check whether the camera is receiving the appropriate wattage as pan-tilt-zoom options may require more watts than a normal plug supply.

Reboot Camera

This is usually the first step – The old turn it off and turn it on again solution – switch the system off for at least 10-20 seconds and input the settings again on reboot.

Check ARP Tables

Address resolution protocol tables, you can see this on the outside of the camera. It is possible to cross reference the MAC address and IP using ARP tables.

Poor Quality Image

Poor lighting conditions and wrong settings can result in CCTV images that are likely unusable. A major issue when you need images for legal reasons; expert engineers are able to optimise the CCTV camera to record and display images at their top quality and advise you on the best lighting conditions.

Factory Reset

If you do a factory reset you will lose history but it will help to troubleshoot the issues. Some cameras have a pin hole used for factory reset to prevent a button being pushed accidentally.

IP Conflict

Some cameras have separate IP addresses and the camera IP conflicts with the IP you are trying to access it from. Make sure they have different IP addresses because this stops you from accessing one or more cameras.

Faulty hard drivers

Make sure the hard drivers are fully functional and that you have a backup drive. Unluckily there might be software, memory issues, connectivity errors, etc resulting in customers approaching us when it’s too late. Cloud back-up is a possible solution to some problems that we find.

Our professional team can attempt to repair faulty hard drives – we have a maintenance package that will be a workable solution to ensure regular checkups and thus protect from these types of faults.

Check Cable

Ensure the cables are straight and firmly intact, because if you find loose cables or any knots then this is a basic issue you need to sort out.

Bright Spots On Monitor

If you install a CCTV camera opposite to any bright light, then you will get this problem. Also, if the light reflects directly to the camera lens, then this will also create a problem. A remedy for this, you will need to change your camera position. If you are not able to adjust the camera then changing the lighting may be an alternative solution.


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